Leaders in Neurosurgery in Connecticut

neurosurgeryNeurosurgery (neurological surgery) is often associated with brain disorders, such as tumors and arteriovenous malformations. However, because important nerve structures run through — and out from — the spinal column, neurosurgeons are also a critical part of the spectrum of care for the back and neck, and for conditions related to nerve compression in the spine.

In fact, spine-related surgeries make up roughly 70% of the training focus and in-practice caseload of neurosurgeons. Also, neurosurgeons are able to perform certain spine procedures that cannot be performed by other types of spine surgeons. For these reasons, NOSS’ neurosurgeons are an essential part of our multispecialty care, offering leading-edge treatments and vast experience with pain or injury of the spine or nerve structures.

Experienced, reputable neurosurgical care for…

  • Chronic & acute neck & back pain
  • Arm & leg pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Workers’ Compensation injuries
  • Spine injuries, disorders & degenerative conditions
  • Cervical & lumbar radiculopathy
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Herniated disc
  • Compression fractures
  • Spinal-cord tumors & AVMs

Advanced spine, nerve and carpal tunnel surgery… and more.

Encompassing the brain, spine and minute, complex nerve structures, neurosurgery is a demanding and technologically advanced medical specialty. At the same time, it is continuously growing and changing, revolutionzing both surgical and nonsurgical treatments and outcomes. At NOSS, we take pride in being at the leading edge of our discipline, because it’s how we’re able to address your needs by providing the complete range of neurosurgical care, including:

  •  All minimally invasive & open spine surgeries
  • Complex spine reconstruction
  • Revision spine surgeries
  • Spinal cord stimulation
  • Surgery for relief of spine pain
  • Nerve decompression
  • Nerve stimulation
  • Carpal tunnel surgery
  • Neuro-oncology procedures
  • Cranial surgery
  • Bone growth stimulation

Minimally invasive, team-based neurosurgery for pain or injury.

Today, leaders in neurosurgery like the highly credentialed specialists at NOSS emphasize minimally invasive procedures that focus narrowly on affected areas. (This includes the brain as well as the neck and spine.) NOSS neurosurgeons know that this is central to providing excellent results. We also know that our success as physicians is a team effort. We are just part of a comprehensive, truly responsible multidisciplinary approach, one that involves integration of treatments, capabilities and perspectives from neurosurgery and beyond.

If you want to know more about NOSS’ neurosurgery capabilities, or to schedule an appointment, call 203-755-6677. Or feel free to schedule an appointment using our easy online form.