Text Neck

Jun 29 2017

As spine specialists, we are seeing more and more people (often young) presenting with chronic, stubborn symptoms of neck and upper back pain. Often, X-rays and scans fail to reveal any problems. The condition can be frustrating and difficult to treat. Yet the solution may be right under our noses -- or in our pockets or handbags.      ~~ Glenn Taylor, MD  NOSS

Read about "Text Neck" in the July 2017 issue of The Spine Journal (Elsevier),
Or read the full details of the five-year study it references, in this open-access article (Elsevier): 
E. Gustavson, et. al., Texting on mobile phones and musculoskeletal disorders in young adults: A five-year cohort study, Applied Ergonomics 58 (2017) 208-214.