Expert Fracture Care

Bone fractures can be caused by direct trauma, repetitive overuse during activity, or health conditions such as osteoporosis. Fractures are among the most common orthopaedic issues people face. The treatment of a fracture can have a lasting impact on the function of that area as well as general health. 

NOSS orthopaedic specialists provide expert fracture care for:

  • Simple fractures – A bone fracture that causes little or no damage to the surrounding soft tissues.
  • Open fractures – The skin is lacerated and bone pieces may be exposed.
  • Displaced fractures – The two ends of the broken bone are separated from one another.
  • Comminuted fractures – Involves three or more bone fragments.

Our team thoroughly examines your fracture, orders & reviews diagnostic tests to determine the extent of your injury, and develops a personalized fracture-care management plan with your needs and goals in mind. The fracture may require bracing, casting or surgery, depending on the damage. Other treatment options we may recommend include:

  • Traction – The process of aligning bones slowly with a pulling technique
  • Internal fixation – The bone fragments are fixed to restore correct alignment using screws or plates
  • External fixation – The fracture is secured by pins and screws inserted into the upper and lower parts of the affected bone and connected to an external metal bar

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